What we do!




Suburban Outlaw Productions is a boutique company founded by Producer/Director Evelien who has over 20 yrs of experience and a myriad of credits that range from award winning documentaries with MTV, digital content with Law and Order SVU, EMPIRE to working with Fortune 500 companies like Ernst and Young and working with hollywood heavyweights like Mick Jagger, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Jon Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Paisley, Jennifer Hudson, Mylie Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon, Kerry Washington, director JJ Abrams, Ang Lee to news icon Fred Friendly to Vice President Biden and everyone in between.

We are storytellers and specialize in creating and producing television programs, films/documentaries, casting shows/documentaries, videography services, photography, new media/digital content and videos for social media content and more. 

We also produce marketing and promotional material and provide creative media services for agencies, brands, artists, corporations and ALL genres and industries of all sizes around the world. We can either fulfill a specific role on your project or help you bring it from concept to completion. We bring our decades of experience, premium quality and care to each and every project.

We have the reputation of being an innovative, dedicated, low key and passionate group of people. We are battle tested Producers, Directors and crews hailing from the world of broadcast. We know how to craft exciting and compelling programs, custom content and messages that reach your audience. We bring experience, honesty, innovation and excellence to all of our clients.